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Co-designing to advance community health and health equity in Wisconsin: Building the Neighborhood Health Partnerships Program

Coworkers brainstorming with sticky notesThe Neighborhood Health Partnerships Program (NHP) is a part of the University of Wisconsin Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). ICTR exists to create an environment that speeds the translation of research into real-life community practice, paving the way to health improvement. One method of increasing the speed of translating research into practice is engaging communities. Effective engagement requires a shared understanding of community health care quality and outcomes. Creating this shared understanding can be challenging without timely and accurate local health data, or ways to provide the data that are directly applicable to improving community health. NHP offers the promise of shared understanding through accurate local health data, but success is dependent on the adoption of program assets by both researchers and community stakeholders.

In this publication members of the NHP team discuss how we executed a co-design program with researchers and community stakeholders to build reports, data-to-action tools, and a dissemination model that could be adopted and utilized by all stakeholders in health and health equity improvement efforts.