Family walking on dirt path
Family walking on dirt path

About Us

Our Goals




1. Provide local, timely, and actionable health data and tools to communities and organizations, government entities, and researchers to support and inform strategies and build proposals and plans that advance health and health equity in Wisconsin communities.

2. Continuously expand the value and reach of the program by motivating:

    • Improved data through enhanced participation from health systems
    • Wide-spread adoption of reports and tools through enhanced participation from organizations helping to disseminate reports & tools


Our Story

The Neighborhood Health Partnerships Program was founded in 2019 as a part of the University of Wisconsin Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR).

With funding from the Wisconsin Partnership Program, we worked with academic, community, government, and health system stakeholders in 2019 and 2020 to build and design an infrastructure that would support our mission and goals.

In October 2020, we launched a pilot test of the program and are taking the next several months to test and learn. We will take these learnings to adapt our program, reports, and tools before a full launch of the program in fall of 2021.

Our Team

The Neighborhood Health Partnerships Program is a collaboration of three partners that bring together substantial knowledge and experience in conducting and evaluating health and health equity research, advancing partnerships between researchers and users of research, and providing data and evidence to communities to help them identify opportunities to improve health and health equity.

Lauren Bednarz
Jessica Bonham-Werling
Korina Hendricks
Taylor Konkle
Haley Salazar
Kristina Stephenson

Victoria Faust
Alan Talaga

Susan Passmore

Our Advisory Team

Matt Gigot, MPH // WCHQ Director of Performance Management and Analysis

Marjory Givens, PhD, MSPH // UW Population Institute Associate Director

Sheri Johnson, PhD // UW Population Health Institute Director

Kate Judge, MSSW // ICTR Community Academic Partnerships Research Ambassador

Katie Ronk // UW Health Innovation Program Associate Director of Data Operations

Maureen Smith, MD, MPH, PhD // Director of the UW Health Innovation Program and UW ICTR Community Academic Partnerships Core

Christine Sorkness, RPh, PharmD // UW ICTR Senior Associate Executive Director, Workforce Development

Paula Tran Inzeo, MPH // Mobilizing Action Towards Community Health (MATCH) Director

New Publication Available
New Publication Available

Engaging communities can increase the speed of translating health and health equity research into practice. Effective engagement requires a shared understanding of neighborhood health care quality and outcomes. Creating this shared understanding can be challenging without timely and accurate local health data, or ways to provide the data that are directly applicable to improving community…