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Action Tools

Data from Neighborhood Health Partnerships can be an important tool to understand health outcomes and care in your neighborhood. However, it is just one stop on the journey of understanding and prioritizing what a neighborhood needs to get and stay healthy. NHP Action Tools can assist you in planning your full journey by helping you better understand NHP data and how to connect it with other available data, cultivate ideas for taking action, and build or enhance partnerships that you will need to make your efforts a success.

From Data to Action

Our Data to Action summary overview and Making Sense of the Data in-depth technical overview can help you interpret the data in the NHP reports, understand its uses and potential limitations.

Connecting NHP Reports to Community Priorities

This tool will assist in using the Neighborhood Health Partnerships Program reports to serve the priorities of communities and community-serving groups.

Creating Strong Community-Academic Partnerships

This tool provides recommendations to build and/or enhance partnerships between local communities and researchers/academic partners.

Ideas for Taking Action

These tools can help you select and implement programs, policies, and system changes that evidence indicates could be helpful in addressing opportunities for improvement identified in NHP reports. Available tools include Diabetes, Tobacco, Heart Disease, Vaccinations and Screenings.